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    Real-Life Success Stories: When Sales and Marketing Align Perfectly

    We’ve preached the importance of sales-marketing alignment before, so let’s take a look at some companies that have put this approach into practice.

    Differences and Similarities of Sales and Marketing

    Both sales and marketing are a company’s best tools for generating revenue. In a way, this makes them two sides of the same coin. Instead of working in opposition, sales and marketing teams can benefit from supporting one another and aligning some of their processes and goals.

    Getting Your Sales Team Involved in Marketing Planning

    If you want to see improvement in both your marketing and sales results, one of the best things you can do is make sure that your sales team is involved in marketing planning. Collaboration makes all the difference!

    Cross-Training Your Marketing Team with Sales Insights

    Marketing and sales teams each have a lot of expertise that they bring to the table. Although there is some overlap in their respective fields, each team member has unique perspectives and ideas on how to find leads, convert them, and increase revenue.

    Sales Metrics to Track That Can Drive Marketing Decisions


    As sales teams play a critical role in generating revenue for companies, marketing could benefit from using sales data to inform their decision-making processes. When you are a B2B brand utilizing Account-Based Marketing (ABM), the alignment of sales and marketing is crucial for generating high-value leads and closing larger deals.