Cogo & Co’s inbound marketing and sales enablement services are the solution for healthcare, finance and tech companies who aren’t interested in unnecessary spending for cookie-cutter plans that won’t take into account everything that makes your business unique.

Tactical support

For brands seeking specific carveouts. This package allows you to expand your capabilities in areas where you need the most support. Strategy, offer development, social media graphics, content development, paid ad graphics, email marketing templates, landing pages, and more.

A campaign kit may include:

  • Content strategy and planning
  • Webinar deck, whitepapers, guides, etc.
  • Blogs, social media messaging, and graphics
  • Email drip campaigns and landing pages

Starting at $2,200/mo.

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Empower your sales teams with a comprehensive suite of sales enablement services designed to drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout the sales process.

Our services include:

  • CRM Integration and Setup
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Sales Playbook Development
  • Contact Management and Segmentation
  • Email Tracking and Sequences
  • Sales Automation and Workflows
  • CRM Reporting and Analytics
  • Sales Training and Onboarding
  • CRM Customization and Workflow Automation
  • HubSpot Sales Hub Integration

Starting at $2,500/mo.

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growth Partnership

This is the "whole enchilada." Our Growth Partnership package gives you full access to Cogo & Co.'s growth system. We provide you with a dedicated team that will work alongside your sales and marketing teams to develop, build, deploy and track a tailored plan for your business.

This plan will yield month-over-month success and utilizes:

  • Inbound strategy development
  • Monthly reporting, and planning
  • Monthly or quarterly campaign kits
  • Sales content development and optimization
  • Website management and optimization
  • Technology and automation (creating email sequences, automating prospecting, implementing direct messaging in your HubSpot account)
  • HubSpot onboarding, management, and optimization

Starting at $7,000/mo.

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Strategic Planning and Execution

We use data-driven insights to craft effective marketing strategies. We analyze your business to help create a tailored strategy that makes sense for your customers.

SEO & Content Management

Content is arguably the most important part of a successful marketing campaign. We can create content that builds you as an authority in your field and is SEO-optimized to drive more traffic to your site.

Website Optimization

You need a functioning and effective website to attract and retain customers. Our team can build a website with SEO and user experience in mind. Improve user experience, enhance search rankings, and optimize for conversions, creating a dynamic working asset that propels your business toward sustainable success.

Sales Enablement

From CRM integration and playbook development to training and automation, these services aim to streamline workflows, improve lead management, and drive revenue growth.

Analytics and Reporting

Data is paramount to any digital marketing effort. We use analytics to track performance on all KPIs with your content, social, and advertising strategies. This reporting helps us pivot to ensure maximum ROI and that each marketing dollar spent is working effectively.

Social Media Management

Our team manages your social media channels to curate and post content in line with your brand. We can build brand awareness through both organic and paid posts to hit your target audience where they are online.

Hubspot Platform Services

Unlock the full potential of your marketing strategies with our HubSpot Platform Services. As a certified HubSpot partner, we bring you unparalleled expertise to optimize, implement, and supercharge your campaigns using HubSpot's powerful suite of tools. From seamless integrations to tailored automation, trust us to elevate your marketing, sales and service  game on the HubSpot platform.