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    Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Effective ABM Personas

    Though Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is about targeting entire accounts as opposed to individuals, there are still individual stakeholders that make up the buying team for those accounts. As such, you must understand those buyers; otherwise, your campaign efforts may fall on deaf ears.

    Understanding ABM-Based Buyer Personas in Healthcare Marketing

    As more healthcare businesses begin to use Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, they are also developing a deeper understanding of buyer personas.

    Building a Strong Community: The Importance of Converting Social Media Followers to an Owned Email and Newsletter List

    Maximize Engagement and Returns Through Better Customer Profiles

    Maximize Engagement and returns

    In order to build a better customer profile, you need a clear definition of your target customer. This may seem obvious to some businesses, but the reality is, it’s an overlooked aspect of B2B lead generation and building your business in general.

    Putting together a better customer profile will not only give your business stability, it will also provide a better engagement and return to help the bottom line. But building your customer profile the wrong way can have negative long-term and short-term consequences. While you may have an ideal customer profile on paper from a financial standpoint, the best customer profile may come from other measurables you can’t find on a financial statement. These benchmarks could also provide more sales lead generation in the future, which will lead to more business and a stronger customer base.