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    The Role of Sales Feedback in Shaping Marketing Messaging


    One of the key elements of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is sales and marketing alignment. Businesses that have disjointed sales and marketing teams are falling behind. Meanwhile, brands that have sales and marketing teams that support one another are experiencing significant growth.

    Sales-Driven Content Marketing

    Content-driven marketing is essential for all brands. It is one of the most valuable marketing strategies you can use to create value for your customers, build brand awareness and loyalty, and boost conversions. That said, there is often debate over what the focus of content should be.

    Analyzing the Sales Funnel for Better Marketing ROI

    It’s too easy to underutilize your sales funnel by failing to analyze it effectively. Too often, marketing teams get left out of the discussion altogether, or they receive minimal data about the company’s funnel strategies, implementation, and success rates.

    Enhancing Email Marketing with Sales Insights

    With new working habits, unforeseen economic challenges, and new buyer behavior influenced by a myriad of other factors, we are now seeing a complex and fast-moving buying market. For this reason, having a sales insights-driven approach can be advantageous for marketing campaigns.

    Real-Life Success Stories: When Sales and Marketing Align Perfectly

    We’ve preached the importance of sales-marketing alignment before, so let’s take a look at some companies that have put this approach into practice.