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    Checklist for your Next High Converting Marketing Campaign

    Dec 6, 2019 3:48:30 PM The Cogo Collective Marketing and Sales Alignment, Lead Generation, Inbound Marketing

    Human to human connections are the foundation for successful businesses today. To attract and engage audiences, B2B companies need to build marketing and lead gen campaigns that are creative, smart and worthy of consumers time. Audiences expect that WOW factor. These WOW campaigns happen when you combine the right kind of data with creative content to draw audiences in to internalize, respond and take action. 

    Well-informed campaigns driven by data can cultivate competitive advantage for every stage of the buyer’s journey.

    Two key pieces are to choose a targeted lead generation strategy and bring data and creativity together. Here are 8 strategies for your next WOW campaign

    Choosing a targeted lead generation strategy

    1. Look to Existing Relationships
    • Current and former customers
    • Thank them for their business
    • See if there is an opportunity to expand services
    • Ask for referrals
    • Closed/lost deals

    2. Target by Vertical

    • Do you have deep existing relationships within an industry?
    • Specializing by vertical is a great way to differentiate.
    • Utilize focused case studies and identify vertical experts internally to contribute to strategy development.
    3. Target Audiences Locally or Regionally
    • Create local content to build local authority and local presence.
    • Earn more trust by understanding the regional differences that local company’s deal with.
    • Participate in or host face-to-face events.
    4. Focus on Target Accounts
    • Also known as ABM or Account-Based Marketing. Sales and Marketing work closely to find the best fit accounts, creating hyper-targeted content and campaigns.

    Bringing Data & Creative Together

    Use your chosen targeted lead generation strategy to inform and build elemental and emotional dynamics.

    5. Engaging Storytelling 

    • Know your character - Storytelling cannot happen without valuing and understanding your audience (See steps 1-4)
    • Demonstrate conflict and how your character transforms through the challenge
    • If your story lacks conflict then you’re probably sharing a pitch or tag line

    6. Long Term Campaigns

    • Create contrasts between choices
    • Your prospects become the main characters
    • About standing out and not playing safe
    • Emotion gets remembered and shared
    7. Create Legacy
    • Drive inspirational relationships
    • Give audiences something to believe in
    • Integrate your value and your mission
    8. Brand Activation
    • Immersive brand experiences to create real-world engagement that is live or virtual
    • Tradeshows or industry events
    • Workshops for professional or personal development

    While competition is ever present and the economy is running 24/7/365, successful marketing leaders are always exploring ways to plan, produce and implement smarter and more focused data-driven campaigns that are structured to deliver performance and to confidently ride the waves of engagement.

    How do you navigate the challenges of building powerful new narratives and marketing strategies that deliver at the speed and sophistication of consumers today? Download the checklist for building your next WOW campaign.


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