Setting the Tone for JMI
Setting the Tone for JMI

Setting the Tone for JMI

Operations Mural // 10 x 22 feet

The Opportunity:
Working from JMI founder John Moyer's vision of showcasing the history of the team's work in the Bay Area, we talked about showing employees' pride in their work along with a unique type of a timeline mural on the largest wall in their new facility. We were given black and white CAD drawings, the JMI tag line and their logo. One of our goals was to develop a concept that complimented the new interior design (industrial/organic) and had impact on customer and prospect visitors to their engineering department.

Our Solution:
The mural design features elements that are multi-dimensional. Visitors often walk right up to it and touch it because it looks three-dimensional and interactive. The diverse components of the design sing together simply. The mural engages the eye and captures the imagination of JMI's company mission and vision. The art brightens the workspace for employees and captures the attention of visitors. Each project featured is 18" square making it easy to show and share details on each project.

In collaboration with our JMI team, the final design incorporated words straight from employees themselves. The final design was made to look like individuals handwrote each of their quotes and the JMI values on the wall itself.

Continued Collaboration:
John Moyer and team were so happy, they commissioned us to design a second mural, this time 10 x 10 feet in dimension. It was a piece positioned in the employee breakroom and featured employee quotes testimonials and JMI values. The colors, font, design and layout were consistent within brand and coordinated with interior colors, textures and furniture.