Increasing Call Center

Revenues Over 20%


The Challenge:

To improve the sales, marketing knowledge and coaching skills of over 25000 agents and 2500 coach leaders of AT&T both internal and outsource vendor customer care centers that take calls from AT&T customers across many different customer channels.

AT&T, the industry-leading communications and entertainment provider, contacted us to further develop customer service and sales skills for their global vendors. Every customer call is an opportunity to deliver unmatched customer service and to offer suitable products and services that would benefit their customers.

The Solution:

We created a workshop centered on key marketing intelligence gathered by AT&T. We participated in the design of a workshop to transform statistical data into simple, yet tactical, sales process with dynamic interaction that is engaging at all levels. Incorporating Train-the-Trainer Facilitation Skills and side-by-side coaching, we introduced and rolled out SAMI (Sales and Marketing Intelligence) which focuses on several key skills:

  • Understanding customers better and what their preferences are when it comes to their buying habits.
  • Helping agents create better quality conversations and a more powerful buying environment for the customer.
  • Help leadership create a sustainable plan for long term ROI.

Initial Results and Sustained Success:

In the first three months of execution on the project:

  • Uverse TV sales are up 45%
  • Bundling and revenue per call is up 21.7%
  • Customer service scores are up 23.1%