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Together We Go

The name of our company transparently lets you in on what we’re all about一Collaboration.

We believe that different perspectives are a never ending source for innovation in the way we communicate and connect with one another.

From billboards and branding to business development and change strategy, we’re your team. We can help you communicate your vision throughout the process with your internal group(s) and share it from the rooftops with the world.

Meet Our Core Team

Our Mission

Cogo ventures alongside teams and organizations to find the best possible realization of their dreams and goals, as they more creatively express their unique vision.

Our Vision

Cogo works toward a world of inspiration一where brands successfully contribute to people as a result of innovative collaboration.

Our Values



We have tangible growth in our sights as our chief aim.



Creating better experiences for people at work and the brands they love.



We're solution designers that anticipate the future before it gets here.

Our History

Our HistoryAXIS Marketing Communications is now Cogo & Co

2017 marks another evolution for our agency as we launch a new name, Cogo & Co.

Ever persistent in our quest to bring increased value to our customers (inside and out), we are applying everything we've learned over the past 15 years in sales and marketing alignment in a renewed commitment to help sales and marketing professionals maintain success as they venture into new digital growth strategies. #togetherwego #hellocogo

Gabrielle Guidero
Founder/Chief Collaborator, Cogo & Co

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